GE’s smart appliances can now send notifications to Sonos speakers

If you have GE appliances and Sonos speakers lying around in your house, you will now be able to make them communicate with each other to a certain degree. GE Appliances has now integrated its suite of products with the Sonos wireless sound system to give you a truly smart home experience. You will be able to receive notifications on your Sonos speakers about appliances like dishwashers, ovens, etc. GE says that they’re the first appliance company to team up with the wireless audio product maker.

All of the pairing and setting up will be made through SmartHQ, GE’s smart home platform and app that manages all the smart appliances that you may have at home. Through the app, you can pair your compatible Sonos speakers and then set up notifications to send to said speakers. This includes getting an alert that your smart oven has already finished pre-heating or that the dishwasher has finished its cycle.

This is actually the first non-music integration that Sonos speakers are getting. While the initial purpose of these speakers are of course to play music and other audio materials, Sonos has said that its ecosystem is flexible enough to accommodate any voice assistant, streaming platform, and even smart home capabilities. You are able to mix and match the various brands and products that are compatible and supported by its smart speakers.

At launch, this integration between GE and Sonos includes appliances like branded ovens, cooktops, and refrigerators. Eventually, they will expand to other products in their portfolio as there are more than 450 connected appliance products across brands. Its SmartHQ Solutions platform, aside from managing these smart products, also has smart technology services including distribution, fleet management, and service.

If you have any of the connected products, you can check out the firmware update and try to pair your Sonos speakers with the GE Appliances. Hopefully, more appliances will be added to the integration so you can truly experience having a seamless smart home experience. Well, if what you have GE branded products of course.

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