Generative AI for Gmail could be coming soon to your Galaxy phone

Last week, Google announced a bunch of new AI features, including generative AI, similar to the popular ChatGPT, that will be integrated directly into Google Docs. And we now have a sneak peek at how the generative AI in Gmail will look on your Samsung or other Android phones.

Google has started testing a limited feature set, and in an APK Insight post, folks at 9To5Google decompiled the latest version of the Gmail app to show how the features look in action. In the Gmail app v2023.03.05.515729449, after enabling the ‘Help me write’ FAB on the compose screen within the app. The ‘Help me write’ button has a wand icon with sparkles.

Gmail will also help you write more clearly by using the ‘Refine my message’ option

Gmail Refine My Message Feature Android App

Tapping on this wand icon of the ‘Help me write’ option opens a text box where you can see the placeholder ‘Tell Gmail what to write for you.’ If you type in a short prompt, then Gmail will ask you to elaborate a bit more. After you have completed your prompt, you need to hit the ‘Create’ button.

In addition to this generative AI feature in Gmail, the email app will get a ‘Refine my message’ feature. Apparently, if you have written something in the email body, you can tap on this ‘Refine my message’ button to let Google improve or clarify the mistakes in the body. You can choose the generated suggestion or opt for another one by tapping on the ‘View another’ option. You can also rate the generated suggestions by giving a thumbs up or down.

Gmail Help Me Write Feature Android App

Google also showcased the ability to Formalize, Elaborate, Shorten, and Bulletize text. Google is working on all these features, but it has started testing out just the ‘Help me write’ and ‘Refine my message’ in Gmail. Do note that these features were spotted in an APK Insight post, and Google may or may not include one or any of the features spotted in the latest version of the APK.

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