Gears Tactics goes gold on Xbox consoles, new Achievements revealed

Gears Tactics has been well received on PC, but is planned to arrive on Xbox consoles on November 10, alongside the launch of next-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. In a new blog post today, Xbox announced that Gears Tactics has gone gold, meaning that the final disc has been sent to manufacturing to begin producing physical copies of the game. This is great news, as it indicates there won’t be any delays for Gears Tactics’ console release.

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Alongside the news that Gears Tactics has gone gold, Xbox also revealed that 11 new Achievements will be added to the game with the major update also launching on November 10, with a combined worth of 400 Gamerscore. If you’re interested, the Achievements that are being added in the major update launching on November 10 include:

  • Number 5 is alive!: Complete a mission with Jack (Jacked game mode only). 10 Gold.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk: Defeat the Brumak in Act 1 Chapter 6 without Jack taking damage (Jacked game mode only). 40 Gold.
  • All For One!: Apply three or more stacks of Wingman on a single ally (Jacked game mode only). 10 Gold.
  • One For All!: Have four members in your squad with the Jacked status effect at the same time (Jacked game mode only). 10 Gold.
  • You can’t see me!: Gain a Supply with a Hidden Jack and no other allies in the Supply Point (Jacked game mode only). 20 Gold.
  • For he is truly his brother’s keeper…: Use Jack to rescue both soldiers from torture pods on a Rescue mission (Jacked game mode only). 30 Gold.
  • I’ve done the whole mind control thing…: Use Jack to HiJack each non-boss enemy at least once (Jacked game mode only). 50 Gold.
  • Zed’s dead, baby.: Kill one or more of each Deviant enemy (Jacked game mode only). 40 Gold.
  • Untouchable Win a Veteran Mission without taking a point of damage (Jacked game mode only). 40 Gold.
  • Suit Up!: Equip at least one weapon with all Supreme Weapon Mods (Jacked game mode only). 50 Gold.
  • Seriously Jacked: Earn all “Jacked game mode” achievements. 100 Gold.

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