Gears 5 features dozens of pride flags in multiplayer

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Here’s a heartwarming story to brighten your morning. As people on Twitter are discovering, Gears 5 features dozens of pride flags in its multiplayer. Instead of being limited to the usual rainbow flag, The Coalition went above and beyond what developers normally do — if they do at all — and ensured nearly everyone in the LGBTQ+ community was represented. Because everyone deserves representation.

It’s a small gesture, but an incredibly important one for those who want to feel included in the game’s community. Banners are displayed behind your character after multiplayer matches if you’ve earned special commendations, like being the top player in a match, so everyone can see them.

This is a great step for a series that was usually seen as a hypermasculine power fantasy.


Gears 5

Wear your pride on your sleeve

Gears 5 is being hailed as one of the greatest Gears games to release, mixing up the formula in new ways to strengthen it more than ever before. And now you can get in on the multiplayer fun with some pride displayed.

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