Garmin Quatix 6 Marine GPS watch out with specialized features

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Garmin quatix 6 marine GPS smartwatch

Garmin has always been a name known for its GPS and fitness trackers. The company now comes up with smartwatches that are mainly focused on health. The last one we remember featuring was the Garmin MARQ Commander. It was introduced back in December as a new luxury tool smartwatch. The wearable device now gets a follow-up in the form of the Garmin Quatix 6 marine GPS smartwatch. It’s a GPS tracker and smartwatch in one that is said to deliver comprehensive connectivity and a larger screen.

This marine smartwatch is ideal for those who love the water and actually live an active lifestyle—you know, those that do sports, exercise, and have many physical activities whether indoors or outdoors. The Quatix 6 is more than special because it comes with the features of the Garmin Fenix 6 GPS multisport smartwatch. It can help you with special water activities like sailing, cruising, boating, and fishing.

The watch is actually compatible with some Garmin chartplotters and marine electronics. The watch can also deliver Fusion-Link entertainment control, autopilot control, sail race assistance, and data streaming.

Garmin’s Quatix 6 appears to be targeted for those into sailing and boating. It’s a marine watch that lets you guide your boat straight from your wrist. We don’t personally know anyone into boating but we know there are many people who are into this hobby.

The device is always-on so you can have quick and easy access to different information from wind date to depth, temperature, and speed. Believe it or not, you can follow a GPS route, change heading, and engage pattern steering from the smartwatch.

The watch comes equipped with a 1.3-inch color screen and a 14-day battery life. It can last underwater up to 100 meters of depth. Like most smartwatches, this one can also monitor body energy level, track stress and sleep, and check heart rate.

Garmin quatix 6 comes in titanium or stainless. Pricing starts at $699.99 and can go up to $999.99 for the titanium version–the Quatix 6 Titanium.

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