Gamers are playing up to 75 percent more because of coronavirus

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It’s no secret that the coronavirus has had an adverse effect on the gaming market, with more and more companies implementing mandatory work-from-home policies and gaming events being cancelled everywhere. However, it does look like one positive has come out of the outbreak: an increasingly large number of people are staying home and playing video games insead.

This means that, at least for Verizon, gaming usage on their network has spiked by upwards of 75% during peak hours, which is a signficant change no matter what you’re talking about. Video streaming usage has already risen by about 12% versus the average, showing that people are in fact staying home, and they’re finding other ways to occupy their time. Which of course means playing more video games.

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The full report is from The Hollywood Reporter, and it only means good things for the gaming community. Even while everything else is happening, you can still hop online with friends, families, and even complete strangers and play some awesome games.

This comes right as we’re recieving more information about the next generation of gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony: the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. The gaming future looks bright.

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