Game Booster update addresses Genshin Impact Galaxy S24 performance issues

Samsung’s Game Booster app is incredibly useful for frequent gamers. It lets you adjust various settings to improve your gaming experience, but one of its most important functions is to optimize performance and battery life by monitoring device temperatures and power usage through the use of what Samsung calls the Game Optimization Service (GOS).

However, while the automatic optimization provided by Game Booster is great for a majority of users, it also stops Samsung Galaxy smartphones from offering the absolute best performance in some games, as it keeps temperatures and battery life in check by throttling the CPU and GPU.

When it was discovered that the Game Optimization Service (GOS) wasn’t throttling performance in benchmark apps, Samsung was heavily criticized by some users, which prompted the company to add an alternate game performance management system that is less aggressive about throttling the CPU and GPU and lets the game run at higher frame rates for longer.

On the Galaxy S24 series, however, the popular game Genshin Impact was discovered to be running at the same frame rate whether GOS was enabled or disabled. Samsung acknowledged this bug recently, and it seems like the company already has a fix in place and has included in the latest update for the Game Booster app.

This update is available on the Galaxy Store, though it appears to be limited to very few markets at the moment. That should change in the coming days, and it’s possible Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra owners have to upgrade their phone to the latest firmware before the Game Booster app update becomes available.

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