Galaxy Z Fold S will have a 360-degree hinge like the Surface Duo

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold S Concept Image

A new Galaxy Fold will be introduced soon. By soon we mean next year according to Fold Universe (@folduniverse). A third foldable family member could be released next year and is known tentatively as the Galaxy Z Fold S. It could also be the Galaxy Fold 3 with a book-type form factor. The Galaxy Z name is expected to be maintained as the foldable phone category will be under the series as proven by the recently announced Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The source said the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold S will come with a “360° hinge that enables outfold and infold and works similarly like the Surface Duo“. It will be a “fully single flexible OLED screen unlike the Surface Duo dual screen”.

So the next-gen foldable device will compete with the Microsoft Surface Duo. It will be similar in form factor but still different with the single flexible display. Unlike the Surface Duo with two displays, the Samsung foldable device will have one full display.

This is the first time we’re mentioning a new Galaxy Z Fold product after the Galaxy Z Fold 2. We noted a Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 would be out in Q3 but it turned out to be the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Design-wise, the Galaxy Fold 3 (Galaxy Z Fold S) is said to come with a glass surface that faces outside. The flexible OLED screen is inside. The phone can be positioned in tent mode could be great for watching videos.

As per Fold Universe (@folduniverse), the outfold design is easier compared to the infold but then the 360-degree hinge will make all the difference. It will be interesting to see how Samsung will engineer that next foldable device.

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