Galaxy Z Flip tipped to feature stereo speakers, 12W wireless charging

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Samsung hopes to change the shape of the future with the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip, and the company’s plan to achieve this might commence as early as February 14 when the device was last rumored to hit the shelves. Leaks will likely keep pouring until then, and the latest such unofficial report reveals a couple of new details about the unannounced Galaxy Z Flip, such as the inclusion of stereo speakers.Galaxy Z Flip to have a ‘Focus Display’According to the latest rumor passed along via Twitter, the Galaxy Z Flip’s small exterior panel will measure 1.05 inches and, because it’s so small, it won’t be called a Cover Display.Instead, Samsung reportedly calls it a ‘Focus Display’ which seems to be appropriate given the panel’s function to deliver notifications and other bits of information in a condensed format.Stereo speakers, 12W wireless charging are also said to be includedThe Galaxy Z Flip will reportedly be equipped with stereo speakers, but judging by the recent renders, it’s not going to be anything out of the ordinary as far as Samsung’s devices go. In other words, there’s a dedicated speaker on the lower edge of the phone which works in conjunction with the ear speaker.Another detail included in the recent rumor is that the clamshell foldable should have 12W wireless charging capabilities, much like the Galaxy Note 10. And again, not unlike the S Pen flagship, the Galaxy Z Flip could also feature 9W Wireless PowerShare.The battery itself will be split into two units, and the secondary unit will have a capacity of 925mAh, as we’ve suspected all along. The other unit will have a 2,375mAh capacity resulting in 3,300mAh combined.All in all, Samsung’s upcoming foldable device doesn’t seem to hold a lot of mysteries any more, but some of the unofficial reports so far have been conflicting. Keep a proverbial pinch of salt nearby for the time being and stay tuned for more.

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