Galaxy Z Flip sales were reportedly up by 56.1% a month after release

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The global smartphone market is in a difficult spot due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Galaxy S20 sales are below initial expectations and the company had halved its part orders as demand for smartphones plummeted. But before all this, the Galaxy Z Flip was doing relatively well in terms of sales throughout March, suggesting the market was warming up to foldables.Samsung reportedly sold 230,000 Galaxy Z Flip units worldwide in March alone, with the sales figure represents a 56.1% month-on-month increase. This might not mean much for the company’s bottom line in the grand scheme of things given the global smartphone market status right now, but at the very least, these figures show that the Galaxy Z Flip was in a healthy, upwards trajectory one month after its debut. Samsung’s strategy to release the Mirror Gold Galaxy Z Flip model later in some markets may have also contributed to this month-on-month increase.The Galaxy Z Flip may have normalized foldables, to a degreeThe Galaxy Z Flip seems to be a hero in its own bubble of foldable devices. It’s proving that flexible display technology is ready for the masses, especially given the lack of user complaints regarding durability. Samsung is leading the foldable smartphone segment, and with industry watchers expecting demand for foldable displays to increase a hundredfold over the next 5 years, the company appears to be in a favorable position.Hopefully, the Korean giant will successfully navigate through the economic fallout caused by COVID-19 without its original plans for the foldable segment being affected in a significant way. For now, it looks like Samsung is already entertaining new ideas on improving upon the Z Flip design with a direct sequel that’s likely planned for release in the first half of 2021.

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