Galaxy Z Flip rumored to be less expensive than expected

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When Samsung announces its new premium Galaxy devices at their upcoming Unpacked event in February, expect one of those devices to be the Galaxy Z Flip. It’s not exactly a sequel to the foldable display device Galaxy Fold since it will supposedly have a brand new foldable form factor. The latest rumor to come out about it is that it is not as expensive as we expected but will still have high-end specs. Here’s hoping that we will indeed get a foldable device that’s less than $1,500.

A report from iNews24 out of Korea says that the Galaxy Z Flip will cost anywhere between 1 million won and 1.5 million won. That sounds a lot but is actually just between $863-$1,293. It’s definitely more affordable than some of the flagship devices that are out there, including the original Galaxy Fold which was priced at $2,000 and the Huawei Mate X that was even more expensive at $2,500.

But would this new foldable display smartphone be worth the almost $1,300 price tag? Some of the rumors coming out about it is that it will be powered by the Snapdragon 855 chip so that’s a pretty good thing since it’s the same one that powered the 2019 flagships of Samsung. It will also reportedly have a hole-punch design when unfolded and will carry a dual-lens main camera at the back.

The foldable display will be more like the clamshell design of the Motorola Razr instead of the problematic design of the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Z Flip will also reportedly have a folding glass screen so it should be more sturdy than the plastic of its predecessor and should have less creases from the constant folding and unfolding.

We’ll know more about the Galaxy Z Flip as well as the new flagship, the Samsung S20, this coming February 11 during the Unpacked event of Samsung. Hopefully, the rumored price range is indeed true.

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