Galaxy Z Flip makes its way through the FCC

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The wheels are in motion. In less than three weeks, Samsung will be unveiling its newest Galaxy S flagship and its second foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip. In the lead up to the Unpacked event, these new devices will be picking up certifications that are necessary before Samsung can start selling them. This week, the Galaxy Z Flip has received blessings from the US’ FCC.While the FCC certification is coming quite close to the announcement, Samsung had put up support pages for its new foldable phone on its website nearly two months ago. Neither those support pages nor the FCC certification reveal anything about the device, but we have already seen how the Galaxy Z Flip will look like in the flesh. Many of its specs have recently been revealed as well, including what could be its most attractive feature: the ability to snap open at an angle.Unfortunately, the rumors can’t seem to agree on what the Galaxy Z Flip’s price will be. From as low as $850 to as high as $1400, we’ve heard it all, and at this point we’re just going to wait for Samsung’s official announcement instead of putting too much stock on all the rumors that keep making their way online.

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