Galaxy Z Flip made waves at the fashion week trifecta after launch

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If there was any doubt about how Samsung wants to position the Galaxy Z Flip, it have been cleared by the company’s strategy to create hype for the product. At launch, Samsung unveiled a special Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne edition. It debuted at the New York Fashion Week on February 12, the very next day after Samsung’s February 11 Unpacked event where the Galaxy Z Flip was launched.Since then, Samsung has hit the fashion week trifecta to highlight the Galaxy Z Flip’s potential as the must-have fashion accessory for 2020. It was showcased at the pretigious London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.Galaxy Z Flip is the must-have fashion accessory for 2020

The Galaxy Z Flip made its runway debut at the London Fashion Week runway with ace designer Ashley Williams. The designer’s AW20 collection included a custom-made microbag for the Galaxy Z Flip and even hairclips to really flaunt that you’ve got this device. Microbags are actually in fashion this year for some reason and the Galaxy Z Flip really is the perfect phone to carry around in them.

Next up, the Galaxy Z Flip went to Milan Fashion Week. It was prominently featured at a pop-up store launch event of fashion retailer 10 Corso Como. Both the Galaxy Z Flip and the Thom Browne edition were showcased at this event. It was actually possible to purchase the latter at the popo-up store.

During Paris Fashion Week, the Galaxy Z Flip is being featured at a pop-up store inside the iconic Galeries Lafayette department store on the Champs-Élysées. The location highlights the intersection of high fashion and technology, something the Galaxy Z Flip is the embodiment of.

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