Galaxy Watch 3 brings hand gestures, fall detection as per APK on plugin app

It seems that Samsung is leaking information about its upcoming devices through its software updates. After the Galaxy Buds inadvertently confirmed some things about the Galaxy Buds Live (including that name), it seems it’s their smartwatch app’s turn. Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin app and while it doesn’t give out much details, an APK teardown reveals much more, including hand gestures and fall detection features that will come with the upcoming wearable. It is expected to be announced at the Unpacked event next week.

The folks over at XDA Developers have managed to decode some of the APK resources in the Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin app to show off some of the features that will come with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 3. The most interesting thing you’ll discover is that it will come with hand gestures. For example, if you’re receiving a call on your smartphone, you can just clench and unclench your fist and the watch will answer your call. If you don’t want to take it, you can just shake your hand and it will be ignored. You can even answer the call on your watch since it comes with a speaker.

You will also get fall detection with the Galaxy Watch 3, similar to the SOS mode on current smartwatches. If the device detects that you’ve fallen, it will ring for 60 seconds. If you don’t answer, it will text your location as well as a 5-second sound recording to your designated emergency contacts. You can also place an SOS call when you fall but you’ll have to enter your emergency contacts for that one.

Taking screenshots on your smartwatch will be easier as well. Currently, you’ll have to hold the bottom button and swipe left. But with the Galaxy Watch 3, you’ll be able to do it by pressing both side buttons at the same time. The plugin also shows all the default watch face options that you’ll get with the new smartwatch, including the upcoming Galaxy S20 wallpapers. There are a lot of choices but that’s to be expected.

The Galaxy Watch 3 will be announced alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series and other new devices like the Galaxy Live Buds at the Unpacked Event happening on August 5. We’ll see if these new detected features will be part of the announcement.

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