Galaxy Tab S7 confirmed to feature not-so-fast charging

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Samsung is cheaping out on the Galaxy Tab S7 charging capabilities, as confirmed by some newly published product certification from China’s 3C authority. Despite being near-guaranteed to launch with a premium price tag, the upcoming tablet range will only offer 15W charging, the 3C certification reveals. For reference, this is what’s been considered “fast” in 2015.Half a decade later, however, mobile device batteries doubled in capacity on average. The Galaxy Tab S7 series is hence expected to feature cells starting at nearly 8,000mAh and going up to almost 10,000mAh, making one dread to think how long those will take to be topped up with such a limiting 15W cap on charging. For added context, the EP-TA200 charger set to ship with both the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ is the same device Samsung bundled with the Galaxy S6 range.Galaxy Tab S7 “fast” charging on par with 2015 Galaxy S6 / 2014 Galaxy Note 4While there’s still a slim chance that the final product will offer better charging capabilities, that’s not just unlikely but would ostensibly require Samsung to delay the Galaxy Tab S7 launch. For the uninitiated, the company’s latest tablets are expected to be unveiled in early August, presumably alongside the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 lineups.Of course, it’s not that Samsung has been an industry leader in terms of consumer-grade charging in recent years. But its latest flagship smartphones aren’t nearly as bad in this department. For example, the Galaxy S20 series offers 25W charging support as a baseline feature, with the Galaxy S20 Ultra bringing that up to 45W.

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