Galaxy Tab S6 nabs the August 2021 security update

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The Galaxy Tab S6 just nabbed the August 1st, 2021 security update, right in time for its second birthday. Owners of Samsung’s 2019 tablet should be on the lookout for a firmware upgrade labeled as the release T865XXOS4CUG1. The said firmware version has so far been spotted in Germany and Samsung’s home country of South Korea.

In other words, this particular rollout has already gone global, so you likely won’t have to wait long for the August patch level to reach you, no matter where in the world you’re located. The firmware will most likely be available worldwide by the end of the month, based on established precedent.

Two years in, the Galaxy Tab S6 is as secure as ever

But just in case you want to speed things up a bit anyway, head over to Settings Software update Download and install. Tap that final option and see if you can trigger the download on your own. Assuming it’s already available in your area, that is. And alternatively, our firmware archives are here at your disposal, ready as ever. But if you end up going the manual flashing route, try to remember to back up your device.

As for the tablet at hand, the Galaxy Tab S6 is roughly halfway through its lifespan by now. Although given Samsung’s astonishing momentum on the software support front, we wouldn’t be surprised if that half is closer to a third. Either way, I genuinely envy you if you happen to be an owner of one of these; I sure could have used it last week.

  • Model: SM-T865
  • Dimensions: Tablet: 244.5 x 159.5 x 5.7 mm
  • Display: 10.5 inch / 266.7 mm Super AMOLED Display
  • CPU: Snapdragon 855
  • Camera: 5MP

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