Galaxy Tab S6 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 now available from T-Mobile

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The Galaxy Tab S6 and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 may be the latest products in Samsung’s tablet and smartwatch lineups, but they were announced nearly three months back and have been available for purchase in markets around the world for some time. North American carrier T-Mobile seemed to have forgotten all about the two devices, however, as it is only now putting them up for sale through its network, as spotted by the folks over at TmoNews.The Galaxy Tab S6 is priced at $725 for the LTE variant in the Mountain Gray paint job and with 128GB of storage. That’s the only variant the carrier is selling at this moment, although that could change in the near future. Those not willing to pay the full price upfront can opt for a two-year contract that requires a $29 down payment and then $29 every month thereafter. Both the off- and on-contract pricing is pretty good for the hardware you’re getting on the Galaxy Tab S6, which is the best Android tablet you can find on the market this year.

samsung galaxy tab s6 5g

We can’t say the same about the Galaxy Watch Active 2, as we still prefer the Galaxy Watch with its physical rotating bezel instead of the virtual bezel on the GWA2. That said, it’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a smartwatch and comes in two sizes (40 mm and 44 mm). The 40 mm version can be yours for $429.99 upfront or $17.92 monthly on a two-year contract, while the 44 mm model will cost you $449.99 and $18.75 upfront and on-contract respectively. Both sizes can be purchased in gold, silver, and black.You can grab the Galaxy Tab S6 from T-Mobile’s website here, the 40 mm Galaxy Watch Active 2 here, and the 44 mm Galaxy Watch Active 2 here.

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