Galaxy Tab S5e now receiving Android 11 update

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The Galaxy Tab S5e has started making the leap to One UI 3.1 as of this week, nearly two years to the day since Samsung launched this versatile mid-range tablet. Identified by release version T72XXXU2DUD1, this OTA download has already been spotted in Russia and the United Kingdom within the last 24 hours. More countries seem bound to follow throughout the remainder of the week.

On a slightly less positive note, this firmware comes with a month-old security update instead of the April 1st patch level which Samsung introduced last week. That’s not unusual whenever a Galaxy device gets such a major content release as annual OS versions are a much trickier implementation to tackle.

How long will the Galaxy Tab S5e be supported?

Save for waiting for the OTA prompt to reach your notification shade on its own, you can always try speeding up the process by going to Settings > Software update > Download and install. The wait shouldn’t be too long, however, not to mention that the April 1st security update should be right around the corner, as well. At least based on Samsung’s established M.O. which tends to favor whichever device was among the last to receive the patch in the preceding month.

If you’re all out of patience, there’s always the option of flashing this operating system upgrade manually; our firmware archives should have everything you need by the end of the week, perhaps even today. As for the slate, itself, the Galaxy Tab S5e was an amazing proposition back in 2019, but it’s still holding up quite well even today. Between consistent deals and inventive promos, this is one of those gadgets you’re likely to keep seeing around for years to come.

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