Galaxy smartphones further embrace crypto payments with Stellar

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In another big win for crypto, Samsung Blockchain Keystore embraced Stellar, paving the way for a much wider adoption of cryptocurrency payments. More specifically, Samsung Blockchain Keystore now features full integration of Stellar, allowing owners of the latest Galaxy smartphones to store and manage private keys on their devices. The initial version of this integration covers the last two generations of the Galaxy S series, as well as the Galaxy Note 10 lineup and both foldable smartphones Samsung released to date.The Stellar Development Foundation will continue supporting Samsung’s platform with the goal of bringing its blockchain services to more devices. Based on the initial target group, it seems likely that every single smartphone Samsung’s scheduled to launch early next month will have access to Stellar-powered crypto payments from day one. Those would be the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 series.Samsung low-key becoming fierce blockchain supporterWhile Samsung was one of the first industry giants to invest in a variety of blockchain technologies, it’s low-key becoming the nascent sector’s key ally. Besides support of prominent projects such as Stellar, it’s also been making direct investments in startups exploring blockchain applications – of which there are many.The Korean juggernaut will also take on a more active role in the growth of the Stellar ecosystem following its integration with the Keystore. The long-term goal of the initiative is growing the Stellar platform from the development side of things. In other words: focusing on apps before worrying about their adoption, which is a play that it wouldn’t be able to make had it been slow to invest in the blockchain technology in the first place.

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