Galaxy smartphone users randomly losing Dark Mode in Google app

Google introduced the system-wide Dark Mode feature with Android 10 last year, and started integrating it into most of its apps since then. While the Google app received Dark Mode long ago, the feature has been breaking for some Galaxy smartphone users over the past few days.Many people have started complaining of Dark Mode not working in Google and Google Assistant apps on Samsung smartphones running Android 10. This problem is appearing even when the Dark Mode theme is activated. The bug appears to have crept up after the latest update. OnePlus users seem to be facing a similar problem, but the app is behaving properly on Pixel phones.Dark Mode in the Google app seems to be broken on our Galaxy A70s, which has the latest version of the app. A few users are now reporting that the problem has been fixed, but it is still broken on our Galaxy phones. It could either be a problem with the app itself, a server-side switch, or a combination of both.We will just have to wait for Google to fix this bug. Have you faced this problem on your Galaxy device (running One UI 2.0) as well? Let us know in the comments section below.
Google App Dark Mode Broken On Galaxy Phones

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