Galaxy S8/S8+ begin receiving update with May 2020 security patch

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A pair of new firmware updates for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ started rolling out to the international variants of Samsung’s 2017 flagships on Wednesday, introducing them to Samsung’s version of the May 2020 Android security patch. Identified by build number G95xFXXS9DTEA, the over-the-air packages already appeared in Germany and the United Kingdom, with more countries being likely to follow shortly. No other additions or changes are part of the newly released software upgrades.As of recently, truly “monthly” security updates became a thing of the past for both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Samsung’s seminal full-screen smartphones recently turned three, marking the occasion by abandoning their monthly firmware upgrade cycle. While their official end-of-life point hasn’t been reached just yet, Samsung promises no future updates from this moment onward. Be that as it may, the world’s largest smartphone company still does its best to overdeliver whenever possible, which is why the Galaxy S8 line should continue receiving security updates on a quarterly basis for a little while longer.Galaxy S8 series’ year 4 updates: one down, three more to goIf their direct predecessors are any indication, the Galaxy S8-series devices have three more quarterly firmware OTAs to look forward to until Samsung completely pulls their after-sales support plug. Owners of eligible Galaxy S8 models eager to install the newest security patch version can do so manually using SamMobile’s firmware archive – assuming they know what they’re doing, naturally. Everyone else should simply sit tight because the OTA notification is bound to hit their handsets sooner rather than later.As for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users with carrier-locked smartphone versions, they shouldn’t hold their breath for the May 2020 security patch, though the said firmware upgrade will likely hit their units eventually. Of course, official Android 10 support is out of the question, as well.

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