Galaxy S8, Galaxy A80, and Galaxy A5 (2017) get September security update

Samsung has released the latest Android security patch for the Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy A80, and Galaxy A5 (2017). An update is rolling out for these devices in various markets, with software version G95*FXXS5DSI1, A805FXXS2ASI2, and A520FXXUBCSI1 for the S8/S8+, A80, and A5 (2017) respectively.The Galaxy S8 update has been released in a handful of European countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Bolivia (the update for Bolivia has a slightly different software version — G95*FXXS5DSI4 — than the rest). The Galaxy A80 is being updated in Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Paraguay, Panama, and India, while the A5 (2017) is getting the update in Russia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. None of the devices are getting anything other than the September security patch with these updates.If you own a Galaxy A80, Galaxy S8/S8+ or Galaxy A5 (2017) in one of the markets listed above, you can download the update over the air by going into the Software update menu of the device’s Settings app. You can also upgrade by flashing the latest firmware for your phone – you can download them from our firmware database.

Galaxy S8

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