Galaxy S25 could offer improved GenAI capability with second-generation Gemini Nano

The Galaxy S24 series smartphones brought Galaxy AI, a suite of GenAI features, including Circle to Search (CtS), to help you with various tasks. These features are powered by Google’s Gemini Nano, the smallest/lightest version of Gemini that is designed to run on devices such as phones and tablets. It gives them GenAI capability without the need for the internet. Well, it looks like Google and Samsung have now started working on offering an upgraded version of Gemini Nano with the Galaxy S25 series.

The Corporate Vice President of System LSI at Samsung Semiconductor, Chulmin Jo, says that Samsung has started working on implementing the second generation of Gemini Nano in the Galaxy S25 series smartphones (via Daum). He further stated that the South Korean tech giant will hold a meeting with Google next week to discuss the matter.

So far, Google hasn’t said anything about the second-generation Gemini Nano. In fact, this is the first time we have heard about it. The announcement from Samsung confirms two things. First, Google is either working on or has developed the second generation Gemini Nano, which should offer better GenAI performance. Second, the Galaxy S25 series phones will offer better GenAI capability compared to that on the Galaxy S24 series devices. Hopefully, we’ll get to know more as the Galaxy S25 launch nears.

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