Galaxy S23 has the best camera setup for a compact flagship

The iPhone 15 lineup went official a couple of days back and has four different models. As expected, the best features are reserved for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The standard iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15+ aren’t all that exciting, but many will buy one of those two models because of various reasons, such as a lower price and a more compact design.

The iPhone 15 is the smallest of the lot and directly competes with the standard Galaxy S23, and in a week, Samsung will also see the S23 facing competition from the Google Pixel 8. And that is great news for customers, as they will have more options from mainstream manufacturers to select from if they wish to buy a new phone that doesn’t require two hands for comfortable use.

Samsung gives you a compact design without sacrificing the cameras

But when it comes to the camera experience, the Galaxy S23 is a cut above the other two. And that’s because Samsung is the only manufacturer that is putting three rear cameras on a compact flagship. The iPhone 15 has only two rear cameras, and while the Pixel 8 series hasn’t been officially announced yet, the non-Pro Pixel 8 is also expected to feature a dual rear camera setup.

Neither Google nor Apple seem interested in providing optical zoom capabilities to those who pay for the cheaper flagship models, but Samsung takes a different route. Whether you buy the entry-level Galaxy S23 or the top-of-the-line Galaxy S23 Ultra, you’re getting a dedicated 3x zoom camera (and even a 10x one on the S23 Ultra) along with the primary shooter and the ultra-wide sensor.

That makes the Galaxy S23 the best compact choice for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice the versatility of the camera setup in exchange for the ability to comfortably use a phone with one hand. And this is just the right time to pick one up, as the launch of the iPhone 15 has forced Samsung to offer substantial discounts on the Galaxy S23 lineup, which ultimately works in your favor.

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