Galaxy S20 Ultra gets close-up zoom mode for macro shots

Galaxy S20 Ultra, the most expensive phone in the S20 series touts a 108MP primary sensor which can take zoomed photos without losing the crispness or dynamic range. This is attributed to the longer-focal length as compared to other camera sensors. In turn, it creates a hardware limitation for the camera sensor to focus on close objects, typically while taking macro shots at close range. The S20 and S20 Plus however don’t have this limitation since they have the normal focal length primary camera sensors.

Samsung wants its flagship buyers to never complain about a single thing, so they identified a mindful solution for this issue. The Korean electronics giant has come-up with a 1.5x zoom mode which is called “Use close-up zoom.” The feature along with AI refinements, let’s you click macro shots like any other device without much problem.

So, when the user focuses too close on an object, the camera interface prompts the toggle button to take macro photos. Pressing it sets the zoom level at 1.5x and the shot can be clicked. The clever feature uses Ultra’s high-resolution 108MP sensor to zoom on the object without losing any details.

Some geeks might already have figured out this method by using the primary sensor to zoom in on to objects and then click the photo. Now this new addition to the camera UI makes the process automated and hassle-free for normal users.

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