Galaxy S20 Ultra camera now has a special ‘close-up zoom’ mode

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Thanks to the high-resolution 108MP sensor, the main camera on the Galaxy S20 Ultra is more capable of taking zoomed-in pictures without losing detail compared to the 12MP cameras on the Galaxy S20 and S20+. But the S20 Ultra also has a limitation: Its main camera is less capable than the 12MP Galaxy S20 and S20+ camera when it comes to focusing on close objects, owing to a longer-than-usual focal length.In layman terms, the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s main camera doesn’t let you get as close to objects as the camera on the smaller Galaxy S20 models without losing focus, which is a hardware limitation that cannot be corrected with software. To get around this, Samsung has added a new camera function to the Galaxy S20 Ultra with the latest update.Like a macro mode without a macro cameraThis new camera function is like a macro mode of sorts: Every time you get too close to an object and the Galaxy S20 Ultra realizes it cannot properly focus, it will now show a toggle called Use close-up zoom. Pressing this toggle sets the zoom level to 1.5x, so you can simply take a close-up shot without having to keep the phone physically close to whatever it is you’re trying to capture.Check out the video below that shows this new Galaxy S20 Ultra camera feature in action.

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