Galaxy S20 series to cost roughly the same as the S10 in Europe

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With the number of leaks and rumors flying around lately, there seems to be very little about the Galaxy S20 series that we don’t know. Pricing is one of those details that remain subject to change, but earlier today, Polish online publication Tabletowo claimed to have found out all about the costs of acquiring the upcoming Galaxy S20 models.The Galaxy S20 will cost the equivalent of €812 and it will launch in blue, pink, and gray, at least in Poland and other European countries, according to the source.The Galaxy S20+ and S20+ 5G will cost €1,023 and €1,128, respectively, and they will both be available in black, blue, and gray. Last but certainly not least, the variant sitting at the top of the range – the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G – will carry a launch price of €1,395 in Poland where it will hit the shelves in black and gray. You can check these renders for a better look at how these colors fit Samsung’s new flagships.Once again, the Galaxy S20 series costs about the same as the S10Although they are not officially confirmed, these prices mentioned today seem similar to the ones brought up by other sources last week. And once again, they are about the same as the Galaxy S10 launch prices in Poland last year. Well, as long as we ignore the Galaxy S10e which doesn’t quite have a direct sequel this year.The Galaxy S20 will have a starting price identical to the Galaxy S10, and the same goes for the Galaxy S20+ and S10+. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has a lower launch price – by around €230 – compared to the ceramic Galaxy S10+.Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S20 lineup at Unpacked on February 11, and according to the company’s reservation policy, the flagship should ship to customers beginning March 6.

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