Galaxy S20 series to be priced about the same as or lower than the S10

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The Galaxy S20 series is exactly four weeks away from its official unveiling and the rumors keep on pouring. The latest unconfirmed bit of information arrives via Twitter and concerns the pricing of the 5G variants. The rumor claims that the Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy S20+ 5G, and Galaxy S20 Ultra (which is 5G by default) will cost €900-1000, €1050-1100, and €1300, respectively.The source adds that the flagship’s launch prices are not set in stone and could be a bit lower. Also, the LTE variants will reportedly cost around €100 less than the 5G models, but that’s somewhat expected if we take the launch of the Galaxy Note 10+ as a basis. There was a €100 discrepancy between the Galaxy 10+ LTE and 5G models, while stateside, carriers offered the 5G variant at a $200 premium over the LTE model. We could see a similar story developing around the launch of the Galaxy S20 in the US and Europe.Galaxy S20 Ultra could be considerably cheaper than the ceramic Galaxy S10+These unconfirmed prices for the Galaxy S20 series don’t seem too outlandish, especially if they will be a tad lower. Compared to the Galaxy S10+ which had a launch price of €999/€1249 depending on the storage configuration, the Galaxy S20+ 5G and its alleged €1050-1100 price tag sounds reasonable. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20 Ultra would cost around €300 less than the ceramic Galaxy S10+ with LTE, 12GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the only model in the upcoming series that is expected to launch exclusively in 5G flavor.In closing, it’s worth mentioning that the recent tweet also puts a tentative price tag on the Galaxy Z Flip, which could sell for €1400 or lower. And hopefully, it will be lower, especially given that other recent reports hinted at a more reasonable $862-$1293 price range.

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