Galaxy S20 series gets affordable in India with Samsung buy plans

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Buying a premium Samsung phone in India just got easier, if upfront price was something that was holding you back. Samsung India has revealed two offers for Galaxy smartphones, which bring affordability to the table when making the buying decision is concerned. The two schemes namely – Galaxy Assured and Galaxy Forever bring exciting options to buyers if they are looking to buy devices like Galaxy S20, S20+ or the S20 Ultra. Even the Galaxy S10 Lite (512GB) or the Galaxy Note10 Lite can be bought with these offers.

Galaxy Assured

This offer gives the buyers a lucrative offering of assured buyback scheme. They can get a value of 70 percent on the three-month-old Galaxy S20 and 60 percent on six-month-old device. If you use the phone for nine or twelve months then you will get value of 50 percent or 40 percent. For this scheme Samsung has joined hands with Servify – a tech company pioneering in Device Lifestyle Management Services.

Galaxy Forever

The Galaxy Forever plan is a good option for people who don’t want to go for EMI schemes that have hefty interest values. With this offer, consumers can buy Galaxy S20 phone for 60 percent of the total cost upfront. Then they can pay the 40 percent balance amount at the end of one year from the date of purchase.

Also, the consumer can return the device at the end of one year. For the Galaxy Forever scheme, Samsung India has collaborated with Servify and IDFC. Both these schemes are available in Samsung stores and online from their website as well.

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