Galaxy S20 records videos when you hold down the shutter button

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Samsung’s decision to separate photo and video modes in its Camera app was a move that met a lot of criticism from long-time fans. With a separate video recording mode, you can often miss out on an important moment that you would have loved to capture on video. While you can make a shortcut that lets you fire up the camera directly in video mode or set up the Camera app to start in video mode every time it’s opened, nothing beats having a video recording button visible in the camera interface at all times.No need to switch to video mode for those special momentsThe Galaxy S20 series, which was unveiled today with upgraded cameras and a newer version of One UI, has a dedicated video recording mode as well, but Samsung has added a neat little shortcut for the times you want to quickly record something: On the Galaxy S20, if you press and hold the shutter button in the Camera app, the phone starts recording videos. So, when the need arises, you can hold down the shutter button to start recording and then let go once you have captured what you wanted to capture.The Galaxy S20 series also brings back the option to record videos in Pro mode. That’s something Samsung’s flagship phones were capable of until the company removed it with Android Pie. We can’t be sure if that was a deliberate move so it could later reintroduce the feature and boast about it, but we sure hope it also makes its way back to existing flagships like the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 via a software update.

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