Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 10 receive ONCE’s seal of accessibility

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Samsung Galaxy Accessibility Seal ONCE Foundation

A slew of Samsung devices has recently received the ONCE Foundation accessibility seal. This honor is important as the South Korean tech giant desires to make technology more accessible for everyone including those with disabilities. Both the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 10 phones received such certification from ONCE. The latter is a foundation based in Spain that checks on the accessibility of certain devices. Having the accessibility seal means the phones are easily accessible and can be recommended for use by those people with disabilities.

Samsung is only the first to receive ONCE Foundation’s seal of accessibility. More may be added to the list as long as they meet universal accessibility standards. Samsung and ONCE teamed up earlier to work on features that may be used by people with disabilities. The aim is for the technology to help improve the quality of life.

Samsung Electronics Iberia received the special certification.ONCE Foundation’s Head of Universal Accessibility and Innovation Jesús Hernández shared, “This certification has been established to meet the demands of the many institutions that want to know if the technology they purchase is responsible or not. Samsung is well-aware of how important it is to ensure that its devices are accessible to as much of the population as possible.”

All Galaxy S20 phones have been certified. This means the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra can be used by those people with difficulties in vision, hearing, seeing colors, or speech.

The phones feature a comprehensive accessibility menu where people can easily find what they are looking. Other accessibility functions are also added like the screen reader. Even the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has been certified, thanks to those accessibility features.

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