Galaxy S20 FE teardown reveals the stellar phone is easy to repair

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Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 FE, which stands for fan edition is one of the finest high midrange phones currently. A new member in the Galaxy S20 series and probably the most inexpensive with minimum compromises in specs and features, Galaxy S20 FE is now available. Before you commit, you may want to see how the phone looks under the hood and how easy/difficult it is to repair, should you happen to damage it.

Taking about teardown, PBKreviews has released a disassembly video of the Galaxy S20 FE, which reveals pretty familiar innards to the flagships in the S20 series. The teardown requires a heat gun to open the back plate of the phone, which when opened reveals the wireless charging element laid over the 4500mAH battery. Removing this you can clearly see the battery that is attached to the front panel of the phone using lots of adhesive.

The mainboard of the phone, connected to the lower sub-board through a flex cable, features the antenna, wireless charging connectors, earpiece speaker, and front and rear camera units. Just under the main board of the Galaxy S20 FE is a thick layer of graphite like on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20s – to transfer heat.

The lower secondary section comprises the charging board, the speakers, primary microphone, fingerprint reader, and flex cable connected to the display. The most interesting part is the battery here. There is no easy way to pull it out, it is attached to the back of the phone screen with lots of adhesive, which needs to be heated in order to remove.

For the ones worried but the possibility of screen replacement – reaching to the 6.5-inch Infinity-O Super AMOLED display may be a little tedious task but it shouldn’t be difficult to replace it. Just remove the plastic back plate, unscrew the lower sub-board, disconnect the flex cable connected to the screen, then you can heat up the screen area to loosen the adhesive, and you can easily remove it.

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