Galaxy S20 could sell lower than Galaxy S10

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The Galaxy S20 series, which Samsung unveiled last month, reached store shelves earlier this month. However, it is not selling too well due to the COVID-19 outbreak and reduced subsidies from telecom carriers.Industry insiders have cited piling inventory to claim that the Galaxy S20 series may be selling lower than the Galaxy S10 series did last year. Some market watchers say that the South Korean smartphone maker has radically reduced the orders for Galaxy S20 parts.Samsung was off with its estimates for Galaxy S20 seriesLast year, the Galaxy S10 series saw pretty good sales in the initial months, but the demand reduced from the second quarter of 2019. Samsung had expected the Galaxy S20+ to be the top-selling model, but it was well off with its estimation. The Galaxy S20 Ultra received more than 50% of the pre-orders. So, the company has reportedly ordered more 108MP camera sensors.The global smartphone leader expected the Galaxy S10 to become the best-selling model in the series last year, but the Galaxy S10+ turned out to be the most popular phone.The sales of the Galaxy S series smartphones reduced since 2017. The company’s sales peaked with the Galaxy S5 (40 million), but the numbers reduced to 38 million units of Galaxy S8 in 2017, 32 million units of Galaxy S9 in 2018, 36 millions of Galaxy S10 in 2019.

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