Galaxy S20 boosts U.S. 5G adoption even as sales falter

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series gave 5G smartphones a significant boost in the United States, new industry data reveals. Even though the new device lineup hasn’t been selling particularly well compared to its predecessors, it’s still by far the most popular new option among 5G-ready handsets. Over the course of the last ten weeks, every fifth smartphone sold stateside had 5G capabilities and most of those were part of Samsung’s latest flagship series.It’s particularly notable because the Galaxy S20 is the first flagship series from Samsung to support 5G across the entire lineup by default. Given the overall state of the U.S. market, it’s likely Samsung’s market share in the 5G segment will fall once Apple adds 5G connectivity to its iPhone portfolio, however.Galaxy S20 U.S. sales still looking weakThe newly reported data, collected by analytics company M Science, also confirms the Galaxy S20 sales remain weak. While the firm observed a small boost several weeks back, it attributed the change to the stimulus checks the U.S. government started handing out in April. Regardless, Samsung still has major reasons for concern as M Science estimates the Galaxy S20 is doing about twice as worse as the Galaxy S10 line did in terms of weekly sales. Whereas last year’s devices surpassed 400,000 sales and the Galaxy S9 line peaked just below 550,000 units, the Galaxy S20 family failed to even hit 200,000 weekly sales, as per the same research.Industry watchers are speculating the scarce availability of cutting-edge 5G networks is a major factor contributing to the Galaxy S20 family’s weak debut. The pandemic-induced economic crisis that’s now gaining traction in the U.S. is unlikely to help improve its prospects, either. Samsung appears to be well-aware of that fact, having just recently debuted the most generous buyback program in its history to American consumers, offering its newest flagships at 50% off.

Galaxy S20

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