Galaxy S20 120Hz display switches to lower rate automatically

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Samsung Galaxy S20 120Hz Refresh Rate

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has been rumored to arrive with a 120Hz refresh rate but there was no outright mention about it. We just know about the 960 fps super slow-mo recording and the 108MP camera on the Ultra variant. The series still is capable of 120Hz model according to recent information by Ice universe (@UniverseIce). A firmware update will roll out for the Galaxy S20 phones that will include the WQHD + 120Hz mode option. There is also a dynamic option that is more preferred than FHD.

With this revelation, we’re learning the Galaxy S20 can auto switch to 60Hz in several situations. All three variants have a 120Hz refresh rate on the AMOLED display but they can change to lower rates.

The 120 Hz refresh rate is available but unfortunately, you can’t use it most of the time. It can’t be utilized at maximum screen resolution. The idea of a high refresh rate is welcome but the devices may not be able to handle everything. There is a possibility it may greatly exhaust the battery and GPU.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S20 will switch to 60Hz in some situations like low battery. That’s understandable as it won’t be able to run the 120Hz refresh rate. The switch can also happen to some apps or when the device temperature is high (over 42°C).

Now the question is: can any of the Samsung Galaxy S20 run WQHD+ and the 120 Hz refresh rate at the same time? That would be ideal but it may be too tasking for a phone. Maybe someday when a software update is ready. We’ll see.

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