Galaxy S11+ will come with a periscope optical zoom camera,108MP

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus Camera Specs

We’re starting another week and that means another round of information will surface on the web. We welcome any new detail. Just about anything on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11, we’re talking down notes. The South Korean tech giant’s next premium flagship series follows the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Fold so we’re very curious how it will be better than the two that are already advanced. We’ve mentioned a lot of info about the Galaxy S11 series already as early as July with the idea of an expandable screen.

Chinese leakster Ice universe (@UniverseIce) has shared another set of details. First, a photo of a woman holding what is said to be the ‘periscope optical zoom camera module’ Galaxy S11. The source also shared the Galaxy S11+ camera will have the following: S11+,108MP,9→1,12MP/2.4μm.

So the 108MP camera is really happening. That is expected because Samsung has manufactured a 108MP sensor that’s been used by Xiaomi already. The Galaxy S11+’s sensor will be slightly different though. It will be customized. It won’t be the ISOCELL Bright HMX but a new CMOS.

This means “each cell on the CCD camera sensor will be bonded to 8 others” as described. About 9 pixels will be combined into one large 2.4-micrometer cell size that actually results in a 12MP camera. This camera also offers great noise suppression and superior light sensitivity. Most high MP cams already do this but the 108MP sensor is not very common.

Samsung periscope optical zoom camera

Among the three Galaxy S11 variants, the Plus version will offer “very strong” camera performance with that “very big” camera module. We’ll know for sure in February next year when Samsung makes the major announcement.

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