Galaxy S11 screen protector shows small chin, centered punch hole

Thanks to leaked renders of the Galaxy S11 series, we know that Samsung’s next flagship will share some similarities with the Galaxy Note 10 as far as the design is concerned. According to those renders, the Galaxy S11 will have a centered punch hole in the display and a smaller bottom bezel, and supporting those renders are a couple of leaked images of what is supposedly a Galaxy S11 screen protector.Neither the centered punch hole nor the smaller chin will come as surprises. With Samsung pushing larger screen on its flagships every year, reduced bezels are an important factor in making sure those large screens don’t make the overall size of the phone too big, and the slim bezels will be rather crucial for the Galaxy S11 as all three models are expected to feature 6-inch+ displays. The centered cutout for the camera, meanwhile, makes for a more uniform design compared to a corner cutout as seen on the Galaxy S10 series and will even be seen on upcoming mid-range devices like the Galaxy A51.The Galaxy S11 will also share another design element with the Galaxy Note 10: The power and volume buttons will be placed on the same side. The buttons will be on the right side of the phone so it won’t be exactly like the Note 10, but it will be a notable change for the Galaxy S lineup. Oh, and like the Galaxy Note 10, the Galaxy S11 series will not have a headphone jack, which will no doubt be a much bigger point of contention for long-time users of Galaxy S flagships.

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