Galaxy S11 5G certified in China with 25W fast charging

The Galaxy S11 will offer a number of new features, such as an upgraded camera and maybe even a 120 Hz display, but it will also come with features that already exist on other Galaxy devices. That includes support for 5G connectivity and 25W fast charging, both of which have now been confirmed thanks to a certification the Galaxy S11 5G (model number SM-G9860) has picked up in China. We already knew the Galaxy S11 would have 5G and 25W fast charging, but it is always good to see official confirmation.The certification suggests Samsung will keep 45W fast charging exclusive to the Galaxy S11+ and only equip the regular Galaxy S11 and the Galaxy S11e with 25W charging. That’s not exactly a problem, however. 45W charging on the Galaxy Note 10+ isn’t a whole lot faster than 25W charging, and while the S11e and S11 could have considerably bigger batteries than their predecessors, 25W charging will be more than adequate to juice them up quickly, going by the charging times for the Note 10 and Note 10+.

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