Galaxy S11 5G, 25W fast-charging support certification sighted

Samsung Galaxy S11 5G 25W fast charging

The exact day of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S11 series isn’t known yet but usually, the South Korean tech giant makes a big announcement during the Mobile World Congress or before. It happens sometime in February each year. That is about three months from today so the rumors, leaks, and speculations are becoming more intense yet believable. Just the other day, we noted how the S11 may not come with a waterfall display but may allow 8K video recording and 108MP photos based on recent details surfacing.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is also believed to come in five variants and three sizes. Possible phone colors were made public. We also learned the Galaxy S11e will have a 4000mAh battery, display with 20:9 aspect ratio, built-in spectrometer, 5x zoom camera, and a bigger fingerprint sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is also believed to arrive with an even more advanced camera system. More information will be shared in the coming weeks and months. We’ll be taking notes but the latest we heard is very important: the Galaxy S11 will already feature 5G support.

This information is important because the 5G connectivity could already be a default feature instead of just one variant having the 5G option. The CCC Certification from China shows the possibility. Aside from 5G, the phone will also feature 25-watt fast charging. The 25-watt charging support is an improvement from 15-watts on the S10 but still nothing compared to Realme X2 Pro’s 50-watt fast charging.

More details and images will be leaked. We know that for sure because that’s what happens especially if it’s a premium flagship phone from a top brand. We’ll be watching the news and we’ll be keeping you posted.

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