Galaxy S10 now supports Hyperlapse videos with the front camera

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The Galaxy S10 lineup now has the ability to shoot Hyperlapse videos with the front camera. The Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ received a major new update late last month that introduced a boatload of Galaxy Note 10 features, many of which are camera-related, and the addition of a Hyperlapse mode to the front camera is one of those features.While Hyperlapse selfie videos are nothing new, it’s always good to have such functionality built into a smartphone’s camera app so users don’t have to opt for third-party solutions. Hyperlapse mode for the front camera works exactly like it does for the rear camera – you get the option to change the speed at which a Hyperlapse video is played back, and you can also leave it to the default auto setting and let the camera decide the playback speed.Here is a small Hyperlapse video we captured with the front-facing camera on a Galaxy S10+:

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