Galaxy S10 helps in rescuing stranded Australian couple after boat overturns

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Most high-end Galaxy smartphones from Samsung come with an IP67/68 rating for dust and water resistance. This feature can be quite handy not only in everyday scenarios but also in emergency cases. Recently, an Australian couple who were stranded off the coast were rescued with the help of the Galaxy S10.The incident took place off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Jessica and Lindsay were enjoying a trip on their family boat 38km off the coast of Cairns, Queensland. The location is known for its iconic Great Barrier Reef. When a mishap took place, and their boat’s motor got entangled with the anchor rope, they fell in the water and were swept off by waves. Their boat got overturned, leaving them no time to grab their lifejackets or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB).Jessica, however, was able to grab her Galaxy S10 and used the emergency service to contact the emergency service via phone and text after the boat capsized. After speaking with the local chief of police, they shared screenshots of their location using GPS and Google Maps. The information helped the helicopter and boat emergency teams in finding the couple. Since it was dark, they used the Galaxy S10’s LED flashlight to guide the rescue teams.Before the rescue, the couple stayed in the water for hours. They had concerns about the nearby marine wildlife as they had spotted a six-foot shark right before their boat capsized. This incident showed not only the importance of safety but also the Galaxy S10’s endurance, even in unusual situations. Jessica’s Galaxy S10 is still functioning normally even after staying in salty seawater.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Australian Couple Rescue Great Barrier Reef

Samsung Galaxy S10 Australian Couple Rescue Great Barrier Reef Newspaper Clipping

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