Galaxy S10, A20, A30 help Samsung to secure a podium finish in Japan

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Samsung Electronics is back on the podium in Japan after it managed to outperform Sony in terms of smartphone market share and climb up the ranks to secure third place in 2019. Samsung’s market share last year stood at 8.0%, up from 7.4% a year before, according to iNews24 citing market research firm IDC.Meanwhile, Sony lost the third spot to Samsung and fell to fifth place, while Apple (1st) and Sharp (2nd) continue to outperform the Korean tech giant with a market share of 46.2% and 13.6%, respectively.Samsung maintains shipment figures despite Japan’s market shrinkingAlthough Samsung was able to increase its market share in Japan, it didn’t ship more smartphones in 2019 compared to a year before. The company shipped similar figures, but it still performed very well given that the overall Japanese smartphone market has decreased throughout the year.In contrast, while Samsung maintained its shipment figures, Apple, Sharp, and Sony have shipped ‘significantly’ fewer smartphones in Japan compared to 2018.The Galaxy S10, A20, and A30 were the driving force behind Samsung’s successThe Galaxy S10 series was one of the reasons why Samsung found success in Japan last year, according to the new report. And it’s not all that surprising given that Samsung topped a six-year high market share in Japan more than two quarters ago thanks largely to the success of the S10 in the country.As for the low/mid-range market, the report states that the Galaxy A20 and Galaxy A30 were the most sought-after smartphones in Japan throughout 2019.

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