Galaxy S10+ 128GB Ceramic Black, Ceramic White variants could soon hit Europe

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Samsung currently selling the 128GB storage variant of the Galaxy S10+ in various European markets in three colors: Prism Black, Prism Green, and Prism White. If you long for the Ceramic Black or Ceramic White color variants of the phone, you need to shell out around €200 more and get the 512GB variant. However, that could change soon.According to Roland Quandt, who has an excellent track record when it comes to releasing information about unreleased products, Samsung will soon launch the 128GB storage variant of the Galaxy S10+ in Ceramic Black and Ceramic White colors in European markets. Although we don’t expect Samsung to charge extra for these color variants, there’s always a possibility as the ceramic material is more durable than the glass used in other color variants.Right now, the 128GB storage variant of the Galaxy S10+ costs €809 in European countries, while the 512GB and 1TB variants cost €999 and €1,599, respectively. The Galaxy S10+ is now more than a year old, and it would be wiser to spend a little extra and get the Galaxy S20+ for €999.If you want your phone in white, you currently have the option to get the Cloud White version of the 128GB Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G for €1,349 or wait for the 256GB variant that’s expected to reach global markets soon. Otherwise, you can wait for the Ceramic White version of the 128GB Galaxy S10+ and get it for a lower price.

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