Galaxy Quick Pair makes pairing smart devices a breeze

Samsung announced various new smart home features and strategies during the SDC 2022 event yesterday. It revealed that it is bringing support for the Matter IoT standard to SmartThings, and using its Multi Admin feature for deeper integration with Google Home. It is also making it simpler for consumers to add new smart home products to their accounts.

Pairing a new smart home product could be a chore. The process might require you to press some buttons manually, add a passcode, rename the device, and change its settings. However, Samsung wants to simplify that process with its Galaxy Quick Pair feature. Whenever you turn on a new SmartThings (or Matter) compatible device, your Galaxy smartphone will display a pop-up menu that lets you add the product to your SmartThings account.

The new pop-up also features two other options: Don’t Add and Later. If you choose not to add the device to your SmartThings account immediately, you can add it later from the app. This new feature does most of the pairing process behind the scenes and simplifies the user’s process.

Samsung also announced that it has added SmartThings Hub to its high-end refrigerators, smart TVs, and smart monitors. Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets can also act as SmartThings Hub, so users don’t need to buy a separate hub anymore. Moreover, these devices will also act as a Matter Hub for controlling smart home devices.

Samsung Galaxy Quick Pair Pop-Up Menu

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