Galaxy Note 20 will considerably improve the S Pen’s pointer functionality

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The S Pen is the best stylus that exists in the world of smartphones, and with every new Galaxy Note flagship, Samsung introduces fancy new S Pen features. However, the basic experience of using the S Pen hasn’t changed much in the last couple of years, with Samsung only focusing on somewhat gimmicky functionality with each new Note. But that could be changing this year, as the Korean giant is improving an S Pen function that has been around for many years.YouTube Jimmy is Promo, who gave us our first real look at the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra earlier this week, has now posted another image of the phone, this time showing the extensive S Pen pointer customization options that will be introduced with the new flagship. The S Pen has always worked as a basic pointer, and hovering it over some features can reveal what an item is or what it does.
Galaxy Note 20 ultra s pen pointer
With the Galaxy Note 20 series, it seems the S Pen pointer will allow users to navigate around the interface (similar to how a computer mouse works) by pressing and holding the S Pen button. One will be able to customize the pointer’s speed. There’s also some customization for when the S Pen is used as a laser pointer for things such as viewing presentations in PowerPoint. You will be able to change the pointer’s color and size and add a trail to the pointer, just like you can add a mouse trail on a Windows PC.Being able to use the S Pen to navigate around the interface would be extremely useful when using the Note 20/Note 20 Ultra in DeX mode, and it would also be a great hands-free tool in general use. However, we will have to wait and see how exactly it will work and how good the implementation is. Thankfully, we will find out soon enough – Samsung has officially confirmed that the Galaxy Note 20 will be launched at a virtual Unpacked event on August 5, alongside possibly the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, and the Galaxy S7/S7+.

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