Galaxy Note 20 Ultra structural, camera defects being reported

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Early Problems

We know that no new gadget will be problem-free but we always expect more from Samsung. With its many years of experience in the mobile game, it should know better especially when it comes to cameras. As soon as the official launch was over, Samsung reiterated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 brings professional-grade camera features. We believe that but we’re curious how a number of complaints are coming out as the Galaxy Note 20 phones have been released in South Korea.

The complaints were very specific about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra edition. A few days ago, we shared with you that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 camera system gets foggy inside. Samsung said it’s natural but, of course, it’s not good especially for a waterproof phone. Other tech forum sites have also received related complaints.

More than 100 complaints alone were shared on the Samsung Smartphone Community. They were mainly from those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. A few other flaws have been detected and are now being reported online.

Samsung will be collecting some of the problematic units. It is expected to start an investigation. Hopefully, the team will also check other problems like dust particles getting in the camera models and the poor fit of the lens and the ring. The poor fit results in a gap.

There is no official press statement yet from Samsung yet but an official said these things: “The dust and structure issues are under control at production lines as it has been with other products. Considering the massive volume of the new phones released into the market, it is difficult to deal with every single complaint as we cannot immediately figure out how they were using the phones.”

Samsung seems to be not clear about its policies yet. Some of those who complained about the foggy camera can’t have them exchanged. The company is referring them to repair centers.

However, for those with “structural problems”, their phones will be replaced. We’re just not sure what kind of problems are those. Ultimately, the repair guys will determine if “problems would affect the original functions of the camera” according to a Samsung employee that talked with our source.

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