Galaxy Note 20 teardown suggests a good repairability score

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Galaxy Note 20 series arrived just a few days ago and the anticipation matched what is on offer. Note 20 Ultra impressed with its specs, design and comes with a herculean price tag. On the other hand, Note 20 is a bit cheaper but comes with some compromises, especially the missing high refresh rate, and the plastic back cover. For a $1,000 device, this is a partly appealing phone to own given the other choices. That said, it cannot escape the rituals of a teardown to see its repairability score and what lies on the inside.

PBKreviews who are seasoned teardown experts got down to taking apart the Galaxy Note 20 to show the internal hardware. Of course, it begins with taking apart the plastic back which is far easier to remove with a heat gun and pry tool. The lack of any wired connectors between the frame and panel also helps in separating the two. Compare this to a glass back which can at times shatter under pressure while removing.

On the back panel, next to the camera cutout, there is the secondary microphone. One can see the cameras on the phone – a 12MP Primary shooter, 64MP telephoto lens with OIS, and the 12MP ultra-wide sensor. Going deeper reveals the wireless charging pad, S-Pen housing, and earpiece.

The battery is a bit tricky to dislodge from the baseplate but easier to take out as compared to some other devices. Moreover, the use of Lego-like connectors in a simplified manner makes it look an easy device to repair. The only difficult bit of the teardown seems to be the figuring out of putting the components back in place.

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