Galaxy Note 20 gets an extra repairability point thanks to its plastic back

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We’ve seen a lot of the Galaxy Note 20 over the past few weeks and we all know how Samsung’s new plastic-clad flagship look like on the outside, but if you’ve ever wondered how it looks on the inside, you’re about to find out thanks to a new Galaxy Note 20 disassembly video that recently popped up on YouTube.If you expect the Galaxy Note 20 disassembly to go the way it usually goes with Samsung’s flagships then you’re not far from the truth, but the video does remind us of a crucial change in Samsung’s flagship philosophy, namely the plastic back panel. It’s stuck to the frame of the phone with adhesive, just like a glass back panel would be, and it also requires a heat source for it to be pried away. However, because the back panel is made of flexible plastic instead of glass, there’s a much lower risk of damaging the phone when disassembling it. You could say this is one of the advantages of using plastic over glass.Once the back panel is removed, the rest of the process looks very familiar. There are 17 Phillips screws that have to be removed before digging deeper into the phone; there are ribbon cables running across the battery, and the battery itself lacks any pull tabs, meaning that it’s hard-glued to the midframe.All in all, it’s the usual Samsung flagship disassembly affair except the Galaxy Note 20’s back panel isn’t prone to shattering when using prying tools around its edges. You probably won’t try to fix this phone by yourself if it ever breaks, but nonetheless it’s pretty interesting to look at the individual components that make it tick, even if it might not be your favorite S Pen device ever.

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