Galaxy Note 20 and Z Flip 5G greenlit in China with fast chargers in tow

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The Galaxy Note 20+ got greenlit by China’s 3C last week. The same regulatory agency has now approved the Galaxy Note 20 5G as well as the Galaxy Z Flip 5G ahead of their official debut. The S Pen device is identified by model number SM-N9810, whereas 5G-enabled foldable phone is being referred to as the SM-F7070.The 3C documents confirm that the Galaxy Note 20 should be paired with with a 25W fast charger, whereas the Galaxy Z Flip 5G should retain the 15W charger that ships with the LTE model. Spec-wise, the Galaxy Z Flip LTE and 5G should remain fairly similar, although the latter model could employ a refreshed chipset. In any case, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will be available in a brand new color, as exclusively reported by SamMobile nearly a month ago, so it will be difficult to mistake it for the LTE variant on store shelves.The Galaxy Note 20 and Z Flip 5G are on track for an August revealThe Galaxy Note 20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G are expected to be unveiled in August according to Samsung’s yearly Unpacked schedule. But unlike in previous years, the next Unpacked event might take place in an online-only environment.This isn’t as much about Samsung wanting to break tradition as it is about the COVID-19 pandemic rescheduling a variety of events around the world. The next Unpacked will likely be relegated to an online-only event for the safety of Samsung’s employees, its fans, and the press, but the mobile products themselves should be as exciting as ever.

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