Galaxy Note 10’s PC game streaming app now works with the Galaxy S10

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PlayGalaxy Link, the game streaming app that lets Galaxy Note 10 owners play PC games on their phone over a mobile or Wi-Fi connection, now supports the Galaxy S10 series. Version 1.0.5 of the PlayGalaxy Link app, which is currently in beta, has been released with support for the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10 5G and a few other changes, as seen in the screenshot below.However, the app still seems to be limited to a few markets. It was initially launched in the US and South Korea, followed by Australia, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, and the UK, and Samsung doesn’t seem to have expanded that list yet. Thankfully, PlayGalaxy Link isn’t necessary for Galaxy S10 owners and owners of other Galaxy smartphones in order to stream their PC games to their phone.That’s because PlayGalaxy Link is based on the Parsec streaming service, and Parsec is freely available for all Android devices. And since Parsec runs pretty well despite being beta software, we’re not sure what is stopping Samsung from making PlayGalaxy Link more widely available. We can only hope the company will do that eventually instead of keeping the app artificially limited to a few countries forever.Do you use PlayGalaxy Link on your Galaxy Note 10 to stream games from your PC?

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